Our trans media projects include serious games, such as:
HABITAT - Content 360 finalist at MIPTV, and
CROWDTV - The world's first collaborative documentary experience.

We work with a highly experienced and internationally recognised team of trans media designers and producers.



Team Tap is a revolutionary new social game that can be played at any game around the world.

Selected by the Login Conference 2012 at San Francisco as one of eight new exciting digital start ups, the app has been tested at games and festivals.
View teaser here

We are able to kernel Team Tap into existing team, event and festival apps to promote user engagement and support for charities.


Habitat, is a serious game which integrates mobile, online and real world game play to educate players about climate change. In the game, users look after their very own endangered animal by making everyday lifestyle changes that reduce their carbon footprint and earn points towards helping their animal survive.



As the world’s first crowd-sourced online documentary experience (launched in April 2011) CrowdTV is a new and innovative online format that crowd sources documentaries. The audience works with film producers to create the broadcast quality content they would like to see.

CrowdTV allows individuals and communities to come together, dream up, shape and ultimately create their own professionally produced documentaries in an online community.

The first CrowdTV project resulted in the visually stunning short documentary 'Thirst', which had its premiere screening in Western Sydney in November 2011. Created around the topic of water as the lifeblood of culture, the result was a celebration of community collaboration, collective visions, and of water as a source of life and inspiration.

Francis Firebrace


Francis Firebrace is one of Australia's most remarkable storytellers and an Aboriginal Elder. This cross-platform project captures his stories and follows him on an emotional journey back home to Australia from England, taking his stories back to where they came from.

The project will create a linear documentary for traditional broadcast and distribution but will be at its most powerful with a full-screen delivery for the web where users will be able to explore the story of Francis’s life as told through the documentary and ancient Aboriginal stories as visualised by members of the audience in collaboration with Francis.

Cruise Control

This multiplatform experience combines interactivity, film and gaming addressing the risks of dating and sex for teens. A storytelling approach, brings to life, gripping true stories retold in frank dramatic depiction; the twist - there are multiple alternative endings.

Vivid and confronting, the films are blended with mini games and real time information - players will make decisions that will have direct consequences for the characters, determining the film’s ending. This is Heavy Rain (SONY PS3) meets Skins (E4, UK)!

The films will have mini games included which will have to be navigated successfully before the players can proceed to the next chapter of the film. These games also offer an opportunity for players to earn more kudos in the game.

Your Station

Currently in development with SBS Online, this transmedia experience is designed to be run in the world’s most colourful train stations engaging local communities while they are on the platform.

Content will be delivered onsite to people’s smartphones. Passengers will be able to select characters who could be on their train.

We are currently in development so watch this space.

Man Flu

Ranked in the top four Health Apps in Apple’s app store, this app provides relief for the very serious condition of Man Flu.

It is designed for men who do not feel like they are receiving enough sympathy while they are on their death bed. (Yet we actually suspect it is downloaded by more women). There are two sympathetic women ready to offer them the condolence and caring they crave - it promises to make these poor male sufferers feel better almost immediately.

Forms and Scapes

This is a multiplatform experience showcases the talents of Australia’s most prestigious dance companies in Australia’s most iconic landscapes, street scenes and architectural settings.

Combining photography, live performance, interactive projected installation, documentary, print, ibook, interactive website, Australian Geographic multi-page cover story, and travelling art exhibition - all utilized in a unique interactive online multiplatform. To experience this project users are actively engaged in a unique artistic endeavour, and provided an interactive keepsake of the whole journey.